When I first got involved in photography I knew nothing about it, yet I was lucky and took some good image; and thought I was great. Over time I learned more and more and become better and better and my images improved and I knew I was bad at photography. Then, I learned even more and I became confident as I knew I could make successful images time and  again. I started to do commercial work, I started to teach and I was at the top of my game. But I was only making images to please others, images that I could get paid for. It got to the point if I wasn’t paid I wouldn’t trip the shutter. Sadly, I lost the love of the craft.

Having lost direction, I stopped making images for a very long time. 

Finally I have gotten back to making images. But now it is different, I don’t teach photography, I don’t sell my images, and I don’t care if they are liked by others. It is all very personal as I wander and capture memories. Not every image I make is stellar, yet every once in a while I get an image that makes me very happy. It is now very personal, maybe a bit selfish, but I love the whole process of getting out and capturing memories.

4 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. It has been a long while, I am so glad you are back. I can totally relate to story. I have a hunch that in this new era you will be creating your best images. I have missed our conversations from the Flickr days, and am looking forward to hearing about your future adventures. Happy adventures…


    1. Thanks Keith. I suspect is anyone stays with any passion eventually they will get to this calming point. I did have have to move my Flickr because of passwords and bad memory.


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