The Art of Selection


The art of selection or the selection of art, I am never sure at times. 

Over the years I’ve got a pretty good idea what photographs people like, well groups of people to be exact. I can’t predict what an individual person likes but I can often predict what a group of people will like, this has help me greatly when I was in the business of photography.

This whole problem becomes more complex when it becomes personal to please.  When I am out making pictures I tend to judge an image three different times before I settle on a judgement.

My walk about are not haphazard, I generally have a goal in mind before I set out.  I look at my subject from many angles and take a number of frames. Then there will be a eureka moment, when I know I have what I wanted. At that moment I stop shooting, well stop shooting my main subject, from that point on I just shoot for the curious love of it.

When I get home, when I process my images, one image will always jump out at me. Usually the eureka image but not always. I spend time polishing that image and hastily process the others.

Finally I revisit images in shot three months ago and often a completely different image appeals to me. I suspect wit distance come objectivity.

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