I set out to take a photograph of this rural Anglican church in Pinehurst. It is a typical rural Nova Scotia church. Compact rectangular wood clapboard building with a small wooden spire that doubles and and entrance way. What sets this church apart is having  a beautiful maple tree beside it and a large green field stretching out behind it. The day was bright and over cast  perfect to show all off the colours. So I set out for the half hour drive.

By the time I got there a harsh sun had burned through the clouds.  The tree was a bit past its peak of colour. Also I had not factored in and ugly telephone pole. I walked around the church trying to salvage a shot. Then out of the blue it struck me switch my thinking  to black and white and take advantage of the harsh lighting.

It funny that sometimes to get what you think you want you have to make compromises, make and abrupt turn, and rethink. In the end I got a better image than i set out todo.

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