Yesterday was an Off and On day, going from bright sun to rain and rain bows in a blink of an eye. For some strange reason, for photography, I prefer the Off rather the the ON days.

I set out with an image in mind and when I got to my destination the sun had broken through and the shot I imagined went from exciting to banal. I got back into the car and just drove. Occasionally, something would attract me and I would stopped and tripped the shutter. but nothing was compelling.

Finally I reached place called Oxner’s Beach, a place known to have a a beautiful meadow. The day went to Off as the wind picked up and the grasses started to thrash around. This all brought back memories of the images of Bill Brandt and I knew I was in a good place. I spent a very cold session shooting the grasses with the hope of getting a nice crunchy shot. It all ended and I headed for the car. Before I got in I turned for one last look and this is what I saw. 

For me, one of the advantages of studying art history in general and photographic art history in particular is that rolling around in your brain I have lots of mentors.

2 thoughts on “Homage

  1. Another lovely capture Grant! Would you be able to provide the settings perhaps? I struggle with moving subjects and you have captured some flowing grass and it appears to be very crisp.


    1. Everything was done manually as I wanted to underexpose. ISO 200, shutter 1/250 and aperture was F/8.0.

      When it comes to capturing movement its is not an exact science as the blur will depend on distance and angle the subject is moving. In the case of grass it is like a pendulum when it is high the air it is moving fast when the grass is pushed to the direction of the wind, for a brief second, it is almost at rest.

      Hope that helps.


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