The other day I was stopped by a flagman. He stood as a statue in rain, smoking with a coffee at his feet. Normally this would have just been an aggravating delay, but I’m retired so it was just a stop.

While waiting my mind went back to one of my very first job as a supervisor, I had 19 good men and one very questionable one. One job I had was important but not a very exciting, in fact it was boring. Because of this I rotated my crew through this job. One by one their minds wandered and a delays were caused and I did another rotation. Then it was my questionable mans turn and I worried. Turns out he was brilliant at the job and lasted years at it. After telling him how pleased I was I asked him how he could standing such a boring job. He told me it just gave him plenty of time to think about the most important things in his life. As a supervisor I learned that every man is good at something and my job was to find out what it was so we could both be happy.

Back to the flagman, he has a job that would drive me crazy yet it is very important one. He is part of a team and if he fails the live of the workers and we commuters can be put at risk.

I picked up my camera and snapped his image, rain streaks and all.

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