Photo Mojo

If you want to be good at something you have to practice. This is specially true with pure photography. Because I am a manual photographer I have to make many choices, Aperture, shutter, ISO, White Balance, Focus, composition and more, even before I press the shutter. I try to photograph every day and this tends to make the choices easier as I rely on muscle memory.

Unfortunately there are days when I can’t. This weekend is one of those times. The weather here is gorgeous and it is best I take advantage of that and buttoning up the house for winter. Yesterday I built a huge fence to keep the deep out of our garden. Today and tomorrow I have more jobs on my punch list. Maybe Tuesday I will bet my Photo Mojo back.

Normally i don’t post and image over 24 hours old but today I make and exception. Yesterday I posted a lucky shot to day I posted a planned shot.

2 thoughts on “Photo Mojo

  1. Ha ha, it is not so dynamic just a stylized rooster. Oh and we don’t have moose here but we do have deer. The deer got into our garden once this year and I don’t expect we will have too much trouble with them. What they got into was habanero peppers and that seems to baffle them.


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