Road Not Taken

What we see here is a cranberry bog once flooded. It seems nature doesn’t care if there is a road there.

This got me thinking of the road I didn’t take in photography. In my 20s I had a reasonably successful photographic business. I did weddings and portraits and I had one large corporate client. It should have been good but… I decided to switch careers and go back to construction.

I told everyone I could make three times more in heavy construction than I could as a photographer. While this was true it was not the reason. As an amateur I loved photography as a professional it was just a job. Weddings ate into my family time. Portraits was about formula photography: thin face broad light, high cheek bones butterfly light and so on and so on. Corporate work was lucrative but how excited could you get photographing tires?

When I photographed for my self I took what I liked and I liked what I did.

In the movie Funny Girl Audrey Hepburn had a conversation with Fred Astaire. She to become a fashion model and he was a successful Photographer.

AH: Why don’t you photograph trees?

FA: I do what i do for a living. It has to do with supply and demand. You’d be amazed how small the demand is to pictures of trees.

I like Pictures of trees!

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