Sand and Shells

On vacation I suspect I am like many in that I collect souvenirs. Maybe my choice is not like others as I collect are sand, shells, and rocks but it is my choice. If you wander around my home you will come across little bowls of these treasures. If you look at them logically they are just junk, dust collectors, bits and bobs of nothing.

I have no doubt that when I pass they will all be tossed as they will have no value to anyone. But they have value to me. I can touch a bit of sand, looks at it and snell it and an immediately transported to another place and another time. The same is true of my photography. Years after making an image I can look at one and immediately step back to where I took it.

Some things in passing have no value to anyone but you, and to you they mean everything.

Never pass up your souvenirs as you journey on.

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