Tale of two Cameras

Today is a cold and damp and rain and cold. A day more for dreaming than for shooting. So I started to look at, what else, cameras.

I have had many cameras but my first camera, like my first love, holds a special place in my heart. While all cameras I got after that were progressively better, and could do much more, they never captured the feeling of my first camera.

In March 2014 I bought a camera, it was a new camera and I got the first model shipped to Nova Scotia with the understanding I could return it if i hated it. Well I loved it. It was mirrorless, it was retro and it was, a do every thing, type camera. I now had a digital camera that almost matched the love of my very first camera. Almost!

A few months later I got a chance to buy second hand version of a really retro camera by the same manufacturer. It was very sleek and very sexy. It was not a work horse, it could not do everything. it was clunky, it was a niche camera. The price was so good I just intended to flip it.

Before flipping it I took it out for a test spin. Every automatic feature on the camera was less than stellar. So I decided to use it in manual mode, even hand focus it. The images were excellent but that was to be expected. But what wasn’t expected changed my views on cameras.

In the process of slowing down, in the process of hand rolling my photos it rekindled the emotions of my early years of photography. The number of photos I was taking went down, the mumbler of good photos I was making when up. I have always liked photography but now was I in love again. So I decided to keep it.

I came to the realization there are two types of cameras. There are the work horse cameras, the cameras that do everything, that have the best specs and offer no limitations. Then there is the cameras that just make you want to take photographs. This camera made me realize which type I preferred.

I now have a camera that I like better than my first camera.

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