Fine Art?

At my stage of life I am not much interested in how my photograph is labeled. I take picture and I make pictures.

I take picture for recording. I make pictures of things that appeal to me on a viseral level. Sometimes these lines are blurred. The same subject can be and is often is handled differently. My wife sits down for a meal I snap to remember our meal is very different than my wife sitting down, the sun light filters through her hair and I snap because am struck by the beauty. One is a memory, and the other is an emotion.

Art is a dialogue between the subject and the artist, the subject speaks to the artist the artist catches that emotion. Great art is a  trialogue between the subject, artist and audience. The more accurately the artist conveys his dialog with the subject to the viewer then the more successful is the art .

This brings me back to the title of this note. What is Fine Art? I have no idea.

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