Landscape or Portrait?

When I taught photography one of the questions that would pop up from time to time was, “When should I take portrait orientation?”

The pat answer was simple and sarcastic, “You take portrait right after landscape.” Both have their place and both in marketing and ascetics. Digital is cheap while a visit to a location is not so cheap.

If you want to see the landscape version of this it is on my Flickr.

Sand and Shells

On vacation I suspect I am like many in that I collect souvenirs. Maybe my choice is not like others as I collect are sand, shells, and rocks but it is my choice. If you wander around my home you will come across little bowls of these treasures. If you look at them logically they are just junk, dust collectors, bits and bobs of nothing.

I have no doubt that when I pass they will all be tossed as they will have no value to anyone. But they have value to me. I can touch a bit of sand, looks at it and snell it and an immediately transported to another place and another time. The same is true of my photography. Years after making an image I can look at one and immediately step back to where I took it.

Some things in passing have no value to anyone but you, and to you they mean everything.

Never pass up your souvenirs as you journey on.

Road Not Taken

What we see here is a cranberry bog once flooded. It seems nature doesn’t care if there is a road there.

This got me thinking of the road I didn’t take in photography. In my 20s I had a reasonably successful photographic business. I did weddings and portraits and I had one large corporate client. It should have been good but… I decided to switch careers and go back to construction.

I told everyone I could make three times more in heavy construction than I could as a photographer. While this was true it was not the reason. As an amateur I loved photography as a professional it was just a job. Weddings ate into my family time. Portraits was about formula photography: thin face broad light, high cheek bones butterfly light and so on and so on. Corporate work was lucrative but how excited could you get photographing tires?

When I photographed for my self I took what I liked and I liked what I did.

In the movie Funny Girl Audrey Hepburn had a conversation with Fred Astaire. She to become a fashion model and he was a successful Photographer.

AH: Why don’t you photograph trees?

FA: I do what i do for a living. It has to do with supply and demand. You’d be amazed how small the demand is to pictures of trees.

I like Pictures of trees!


When fall is done and you feel you only have grey to view that is when wonderful beech steps forward. The beech is the last to lose its colours. In fact it will retain many of its colourful leaves thought the whole winter. In doing so will always bring you hope of a warmer time.

Photo Mojo

If you want to be good at something you have to practice. This is specially true with pure photography. Because I am a manual photographer I have to make many choices, Aperture, shutter, ISO, White Balance, Focus, composition and more, even before I press the shutter. I try to photograph every day and this tends to make the choices easier as I rely on muscle memory.

Unfortunately there are days when I can’t. This weekend is one of those times. The weather here is gorgeous and it is best I take advantage of that and buttoning up the house for winter. Yesterday I built a huge fence to keep the deep out of our garden. Today and tomorrow I have more jobs on my punch list. Maybe Tuesday I will bet my Photo Mojo back.

Normally i don’t post and image over 24 hours old but today I make and exception. Yesterday I posted a lucky shot to day I posted a planned shot.